The Terhune Brothers

Brothers Rob, Kevin and David began their musical partnership as pre-teens, banging on chairs, plucking guitars and recording songs under names like Nashville Blues Plus One, The Supersonics, and The Swampy Rivers. As adults they reunited as the musical foundation of Bootfoot and now entertain as The Terhune Brothers, the dysfunctional family act performing at the critically acclaimed Loser's Lounge shows in NYC. “Especially notable was a rapturous ‘Shangri-la’ performed by The Terhune Brothers” read a New York Times review of the Kinks tribute.

"You Make Me Feel Good" for the Loser's Lounge Zombies shows - 11/03
"If I Needed Someone/I Need You" for the Loser's Lounge George Harrison shows - 10/03
"For The Love Of Ivy" for the Loser's Lounge Mamas and the Papas shows - 04/03
"Red Rubber Ball" for the Loser's Lounge Simon & Garfunkel shows - 12/02
"Radio Sweetheart" for the Loser's Lounge Elvis Costello shows - 10/02
"Sloop John B." for the Loser's Lounge Brian Wilson shows - 01/02
"Bad Guys/Bugsy Malone" for the Loser's Lounge Paul Williams shows - 06/01
"Blue Destiny/Straw In The Wind/Brooklyn Roads" for the Loser's Lounge Neil Diamond shows - 12/00
"Shangri-la" for the Loser's Lounge Kinks shows - 10/00

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